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Four Stories

Hand Up

Tony O.

Tony was unemployed, out of school and playing video games to hide his anxiety about his life. BladeRunners provided training and a job opportunity and Tony hasn’t looked back.

Show Up

Loreen K.

Loreen became a sex worker at fourteen years of age. NYSA helped with counselling, training and housing so Loreen could get her life together. She is happily working at an insurance brokerage and saving money to buy a car.

Keep Up

Jason S.

Jason’s family has been in our region for thousands of years. He didn’t feel like he fit in on the reserve so he moved to Nanaimo. He came to NYSA interested in working in restaurants. After an extended training program, he was hired by a local hotel to work in food and beverage. Since then, he has told many of his friends about NYSA and several of them have been trained in our programs as well.

Speak Up

Melissa R.

Melissa didn’t know what she wanted to do — she just knew she didn’t want to go to school. She had dropped out and was couch surfing for over a year. NYSA provided transitional housing, training and certifications which prepared Melissa for her career. Still living in Nanaimo, she is happily working as a framer for a local housing contractor.

* Names and some details have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

Our Services

Housing Centre

NYSA has been in the housing business for nearly all of its 55 years in existence. Then, service was limited to simple provision of physical living quarters. Today it’s a much broader set of support services.

Wellness Centre

NYSA’s new Wellness Centre is the foundation from which youth can take care of their physical, mental and emotional challenges through direct services and referrals.

Futures Centre

Bringing NYSA’s already successful job readiness programs together with life skills training, financial assistance and extended support provides extended success for clients after they graduate from our programs.


Enterprise Centre

NYSA’s Enterprise Centre is focused on developing social enterprises that provide additional job opportunities for its clients as well as financial support for the organization for programs that may not pay their own way.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Provide support and opportunities for learning, personal development and independence to youth aged 16 to 30.

Our Support

What Others Say

Housing Options

I can’t believe I get to live in a place as nice as this. It’s like a dream come true.


Thank you for picking me for this program. It has created a whole new life for me!”

Happy Employer

While I know that not all young workers will turn out great, I am impressed with the youths coming from NYSA.

Finding A Home

I didn’t believe I could find a place to live for a price that I can afford. And it’s nice too!

Off the Street

“I was going nowhere until I was accepted into BladeRunners Security Guard program.”

Finding Real Work

I wondered how good could this program really be. I got a good job with great pay and benefits.


I used to worry about respect all the time. Now that I have a great job and good money, I don’t even think about that any more.

Love the Cause

I’ve given several donations to NYSA over the years. I love the organization, it’s people and its mission!

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NYSA acknowledges our work takes place on Coast Salish territories and primarily the lands of the Snuneymuxw people.