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DiverseFutures is a youth employment program funded in-part by the Government of Canada – Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS) Program.

The program is for youth, ages 16 to 30 years, who seek a clear path to full-time employment.

Available at no cost, DiverseFutures has two unique streams to support youth in securing full-time employment. The program also helps youth hone personal skills and abilities so they can contribute in the future-building of our Canadian society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DiverseFutures?

DiverseFutures is an employment program for youth, ages 16-30 years, who seek a clear path to full-time employment. There are two different streams to the program, which welcome youth based on their diverse and unique life realities.

What’s the difference between the 2 streams?

DF1 is an 18-week program designed for youth who would first like skills enhancement trainings on their pathway to full-time employment. This stream one of the program helps youth to: 

  • earn workplace skills and certificates over a 4-week period, all paid for by NYSA, to support youth in securing full-time employment.  The training offers a blend of industry, career and soft skills trainings so youth can more easily get a job.
  • earn money, as it pays youth at BC minimum wage for 30-hours per week over each of its four weeks of training.
  • access the support of a Job Coach, so youth can secure their personal idea of a paid quality job. 
  • more quickly secure a better employment opportunity, by NYSA offering employers with an hourly wage subsidy incentive over a 14-week period if they hire a youth through the program.

 DiverseFutures (DF2) – Real-time paid work with an employer wage subsidy (Stream Two): 

DF2 is an 8-week program designed for youth who feel confident in their workplace skills and simply need a little extra support on their pathway to full-time employment. This stream two of the program provides youth with:

  • the support of a Job Coach, so youth can secure their personal idea of a paid quality job. 
  • a sizable hourly wage subsidy, paid to an employer over an 8-week period, if an employer hires a youth through the program. The wage subsidy is offered as an incentive to offset the time investment of training a new employee.
How Do I Apply?
  1. Message us through the TomBerani DiverseFutures Facebook page.
  2. Phone NYSA at 250.754.1989 and ask to speak with Berani.
  3. Attend a PERSONAL INFO SESSION (whether in-person or over-the-phone) to see if DF is right for you.
  4. If you like what you hear, then continue through the application, interview and selection processes. Within one-week of your interview, you will be notified of a decision on your application.
Are there any “strings attached?”

There is absolutely no cost to participate in the program. Zippo. Zilch. Zero. Nothing. Nada. In whatever words you might use, DiverseFutures is a FREE program (available to you at NO COST).

The only expectation is that you will try your best and participate in good faith to maximize the opportunities presented to you through the program. Your success is our success!

What certificates and skills can I gain?

DiverseFutures runs different trainings depending on the industry focus. Our core CareerStart training, regularly offered in both Comox Valley and Nanaimo, focuses on providing the essential customer service industry skills in demand across the hospitality, retail and tourism sectors.

Our I-SPARC partnership, held annually in the Comox Valley, focuses on offering skills required to work in the parks & recreational sector. 

Our Snuneymuwx First Nation partnership, held each year in Nanaimo, provides industry and cultural trainings for Snuneymuxw youth to secure employment with their nation.

Our capstone Culinary training opens a breadth of skills to help youth enter or apprentice in a professional kitchen environment.

To see what certificates you can earn in the next intake of DiverseFutures, book an info session today.


How To Register

Contact our office by email or telephone to get the full details on registration.

Call For Inquiry

Mail For Inquiry


Call for information and decide whether DiverseFutures is the program for you.


If you want to move forward, complete an application form and go through the interview process.


If you are accepted into the program, relax and get ready for your first day of training!



A Few Typical Training Sessions


Serving It Right

Serving It Right is British Columbia’s responsible liquor sales and service program for industry workers, that everyone involved in the sale and service of liquor has to take. It is designed to help make sure that the service and sale of liquor is done according to the law and in a way that keeps customers, guests and others safe from alcohol-related harms.


Level 1 First Aid

This hands-on and interactive one-day Level 1 course teaches workers how to deal with the most common occupational first-aid emergencies. At the end of this course, the successful candidate will be a certified WorkSafeBC Level 1 (OFA Level 1) First-Aid Attendant



This food handling, sanitation and work safety course covers important food safety and worker safety information including foodborne illness, receiving and storing food, preparing food, serving food, cleaning and sanitizing.


Job Coaching

Similar to a sports coach who helps athletes train for their sport, NYSA’s job coach helps our clients prepare for employment. Also known as job developers and career counselors,  our job coaches work for NYSA’s clients to provide them with one-on-one career guidance, job leads and ongoing support in the early days of employment.

Thanks to a partnership with Resume Target, a professional resume writing service, Resume Target is pleased to offer complimentary career-related resources to NYSA seeking professional development and career tips. There are hundreds of resume templates for you to choose from. We invite you to look at the bank of resume templates and tips they have to offer!

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NYSA acknowledges our work takes place on Coast Salish territories and primarily the lands of the Snuneymuxw people.